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Kids classes Brazillian Jiu jitsu is great for children too! Taught by fully qualified coaches in a safe, secure environment, we teach children of any ability from age 7 and upwards.

They will learn key self defence techniques, the ability to take safe falls, groundwork, and fitness.

We play lots of games to incorportae training drills so it's great fun!! Take advantage of the results of Brazillian Jiu jitsu training in other areas of your childs life:

Bring your child along for a taster session and see if they enjoy it. Why not let them bring a friend or sibling along so they can train together?

(New activities can seem a little daunting even to the best of us sometimes!)

If you've got any other questions about childrens training, you can email us by clicking on the contact button on the tool bar above or give Steve a ring on: 07702 801695. Sessions start at 7pm on a monday night.

This could be your child!

Cutting taken from the Derbyshire Times, January 2008.